Interesting facts

In 1790 English inventor Thomas Saint was the first to patent a design for a sewing machine but he did not advertise his invention. It was meant for leather and canvas. The first electric machines were developed by Singer Sewing Co. and introduced in 1889. At first these were standard machines with a motor strapped on the side. As more homes gained power, these became more popular and the motor was gradually introduced into the casing.


Close Joint Stock Company "Meridian" offers the collection of work – and professional wear, providing reliable protection from different industrial factors and climatic impact. All models are designed according to the actual standards norms and assigned into the groups depending on the function – high visibility wear, protection against general pollution, low and high temperatures, aggressive environment, for gas and oil companies’ workers, health care and food industry.
For work wear production are used only modern materials, furnishing, the latest developments and technologies, which make our garments qualitative, comfortable and practical. From the work wear quality depends in such way the working conditions of the employer will be comfortable and safety. That is why Close Joint Stock Company "Meridian" pays large attention to the output of the work – and professional wear with the highest protective characteristics.  

Deals and special offers

«Мeridian» company sales finished garments ex stock on favorable prices. These are suits and jackets, high visibility vests, t-shirts  baseball hats, personal protective equipment and footwear. It is possible to make logo application of yout company on the wear and different articles from textile. Qualitative, operative, professionaly!

Corporate Clothing and Brand Exposure

The way you look, your appearance will create an impression and in the business world first impressions will count. Corporate clothing is concerned with developing your brand through exposure. Employees with a uniform to wear are seen as spokespeople for your company and the exposure your logo receives will improve the chances of it becoming a recognizable symbol. The corporate clothing choices you make will be a factor that could result in increased brand awareness and promote business growth.