Interesting facts

The discovery of dyed flax fibers in a cave in the Republic of Georgia  textile-like materials were made even in prehistoric times. Incas have been crafting quipus (or khipus) made of fibres either from a protein, such as spun and plied thread like wool or hair from camelids such as alpacas, llamas, and camels or from a cellulose like cotton for thousands of years.
During the 15th century, Textiles were the largest single industry. Before the 15th century textiles were only in a few towns but during, they shifted into districts like East Anglia, and the Cotswolds.

Protection against general pollution




  • Zipper and windproof flap on contact band.
  • Band-collar.
  • Detachable hood.
  • One-cut sleeves.
  • Breast patches on forepart with inclined cloth in .
  • Side patches with figured flaps.
  • Inside pockets.
  • Breathing holes.
  • Elastic cuffs.
  • Cord for adjustment on the bottom of jacket



  • Zipper and windproof flap on the contact band.
  • Turn-down collar.
  • 2 patches with flaps.
  • 2 side pockets with inclined cloth in on the front part of trousers.
  • Knee-pads.
  • Elasticated band in the back.



  • Zipper.
  • Band-collar.
  • Hood with self-belt.
  • Adjustable sleeves with elastic band.
  • Flap pockets.


  • Tightened on the waist with an elastic band. 



  • Zipper.
  • Band-collar.
  • Hood with self-belt.
  • Adjustable sleeves with elastic band.
  • Patch pockets with flaps
The purpose of high – visibility clothing

The purpose of high – visibility clothing is signification of people’s presence in the conditions of low visibility. For example, during the road renovation, the road workers in the high – visibility clothing are noticeable from a distance and will not be the victims of inattentive driver. Especially actual is the use of high – visibility clothing in the night – time, during the rain and fog. According to the rules of work safety for such clothing the drivers of town transport, workers of road – maintenance, housing and public utilities, employees of The Federal Authority for Road Traffic Safety must be equipped with such clothing.