Personal protective equipment
Interesting facts

The discovery of dyed flax fibers in a cave in the Republic of Georgia  textile-like materials were made even in prehistoric times. Incas have been crafting quipus (or khipus) made of fibres either from a protein, such as spun and plied thread like wool or hair from camelids such as alpacasllamas, and camels or from a cellulose like cotton for thousands of years.
During the 15th century, Textiles were the largest single industry. Before the 15th century textiles were only in a few towns but during, they shifted into districts like East Anglia, and the Cotswolds.

Eye protection

  • Protective panoramic welding glasses with indirect ventilation
  • Nonmisting cover and blacking for middle power welding
  • Special cover against ultraviolet and  infrared rays
  • Bright elastic headband regulated strip
  • The shield  bracing for face protection is set
  • The glasses quarantine reliable protection against UV rays
  • The covering against  scratches
  • Arms are regulated  lengthways and  on the angle of slope to the arms
  • Soft pads on the temples provide additional comfort
  • The article is possible to put on the dioptric glasses  
  • Light protection glasses (weight — 18,9 g) with  impact – proof PC lenses
  • 100% protection against ultraviolet rays
  • Resistant to scratches and weeping (with the lucid lens)
  • Very pliant  rim without metal
  • Special cover avert the glissade of glasses from face 
  • The glasses quarantine  100% protection against UV - rays
  • The covering against scratches
  • Arms are regulated  lengthways and  on the angle of slope to the arms
  • Soft pads on the temples provide additional comfort
  • Grey lens protect from bright light and provide with good visibility of signal lights
  • The glasses provide 100% protection from  UV rays
  • The covering against scratches and weeping from the lens inside (lucid lens)
  • Arms are regulated  lengthways and  on the angle of slope to the arms
  • Brown lens protect against bright sun light and keep the color reproduction
  • Specially recommended for the drivers
  • The glasses are recommended to use during the turnering, assembling and mechanical polishing  operations
  • The model with lenses is scratches – resistant
  • Trusty UV rays safety 
  • Special cover reduce the weeping,  the impact resistance is  FT
  • The regulated length of arms (4 positions) and the angle of lenses slope 
  • Open glasses with extended panoramic view
  • Protective glass with the cover against scratches and weeping
  • Ear arms provide good safety from hard flying details
  • Ear protection on the ears front and back from the flying UV parts
  • The glasses are recommended for the cold metal and plastic processing  


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