Personal protective equipment
Interesting facts

The discovery of dyed flax fibers in a cave in the Republic of Georgia  textile-like materials were made even in prehistoric times. Incas have been crafting quipus (or khipus) made of fibres either from a protein, such as spun and plied thread like wool or hair from camelids such as alpacasllamas, and camels or from a cellulose like cotton for thousands of years.
During the 15th century, Textiles were the largest single industry. Before the 15th century textiles were only in a few towns but during, they shifted into districts like East Anglia, and the Cotswolds.

Eye protection

  • Regulated angle of slope of protective panoramic glas and ear arms length
  • The glass provide the protection against the influence of hard parts with the kinetic energy till 3,0 Joule, UV radiation till to the 350 hm
  • Hard sheet of protective glass is scratching and attrition resistant
  • Recommended for the cold metal, stones, wood and plastic processing 
  • Closed glasses with the indirect ventilation
  • Panoramic  glass guarantee eye protection against of hard UV parts influence till to the 350 hm
  • Hard coat of protective glass is attrition  weeping resistant
  • Modern ventilation system except the weeping
  • Obturation stripe reduce  the tiredness  during the glasses wearing
  • The wearing is possible with the resolve glasses  
  • Recommended for the eyes protection against mechanical  chips and shatters damage


  • Closed glasses with the direct ventilation
  • Panoramic protective glass – color filter  differs with the hardness to the high temperature influence
  • High electric resistance  and chemical  stability
  • Provide eyes protection against of i hard parts’ influence 
  • Panoramic view  without  distortions
  • Hard feeling of protective glass is attrition and scratching resistant 
  • Hermetic closed glasses with the panoramic protective glass
  • Without ventilation holes
  • The glasses are compatible with the dropper - bottle with the liquid against weeping
  • Recommended for the work with the solutions of acid and alkalis, oils, petrol
  • The glasses are used in the metallurgy, machine building, chemical, gas and other industries


  • The glasses for the universal use
  • The glasses with lenses provide 100% protection against UV – rays
  • They have indirect ventilation
  • Covering against lens weeping from the inside
  • Foam obturator ring provide additional comfort 
The purpose of high – visibility clothing

The purpose of high – visibility clothing is signification of people’s presence in the conditions of low visibility. For example, during the road renovation, the road workers in the high – visibility clothing are noticeable from a distance and will not be the victims of inattentive driver. Especially actual is the use of high – visibility clothing in the night – time, during the rain and fog. According to the rules of work safety for such clothing the drivers of town transport, workers of road – maintenance, housing and public utilities, employees of The Federal Authority for Road Traffic Safety must be equipped with such clothing.