ГОСТ Р 12.4.230-2007
  • Open glasses with extended panoramic view
  • Protective glass with the cover against scratches and weeping
  • Ear arms provide good safety from hard flying details
  • Ear protection on the ears front and back from the flying UV parts
  • The glasses are recommended for the cold metal and plastic processing  


The purpose of high – visibility clothing

The purpose of high – visibility clothing is signification of people’s presence in the conditions of low visibility. For example, during the road renovation, the road workers in the high – visibility clothing are noticeable from a distance and will not be the victims of inattentive driver. Especially actual is the use of high – visibility clothing in the night – time, during the rain and fog. According to the rules of work safety for such clothing the drivers of town transport, workers of road – maintenance, housing and public utilities, employees of The Federal Authority for Road Traffic Safety must be equipped with such clothing.