Personal protective equipment
Interesting facts

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Face protection

  • Protective shield  with the optical clear screen
  • Big peak and head binding with the graded size adjustment
  • This shield is recommended for use during the machine construction metallurgy, gas obtaining, petrol processing industry
  • Screen is heat – resistant enameled wire
  • Temperature conditions are from -20°С till +50 С°
  • 100% protection against ultraviolet
  • The shield is easy to fix in every of 3 positions
  • Protective shield can have round or special slots binding 
  • You can also order the shields with the anti weeping cover and fire retardant sweating against  electric arc
  • Welder’s helmet with the automatic light trap and automatic blanking control 10-12 DIN
  • The helmet is for all types of welding works and lightings
  • Perfect quality and light traps reliability
  • High mechanical strength and heat – resistance of helmet’s material  
  • The model for proof eyes and face protection against the direct radiation of the welding arc
  • Instant blanking and  the blackout level independency from the welding arc light angle
  • Automatic blanking light trap
  • 7 light sensitiveness levels
  • Proof safety against ultra violet and infra red rays
  • Power source  is  the solar cell
Corporate Clothing and Brand Exposure

The way you look, your appearance will create an impression and in the business world first impressions will count. Corporate clothing is concerned with developing your brand through exposure. Employees with a uniform to wear are seen as spokespeople for your company and the exposure your logo receives will improve the chances of it becoming a recognizable symbol. The corporate clothing choices you make will be a factor that could result in increased brand awareness and promote business growth.