Hand protection
Interesting facts

Перчатки – это приспособление, созданное человеком для защи-
ты рук. От холода, от жара, для выполнения грубой работы. Первые перчатки выглядели очень просто: небольшие мешочки для рук, которые завязывали на запястье

Protection against aggressive einvironment

  • The gloves are from nylon knitted fabric with micro porous handheld cover and elastic ruffle
  • Unique gloves have high indexes of strength (specially for  abrasion and break)
  • The gloves’ cover is local, the cover material is  nitryl
  • The cover is from  nitrylbutyldien caoutchouc
  • Waterproof, antistatic gloves are retardant to the wastages, knife, cuts, brakes and perforation  
  • The gloves have dry and wet (oiled) grip
  • The gloves are the  analogue of  KR and HMSP and their  working life is 4 - 5 times more
  • Temperature conditions from  +85°С till -20°C
Corporate Clothing and Brand Exposure

The way you look, your appearance will create an impression and in the business world first impressions will count. Corporate clothing is concerned with developing your brand through exposure. Employees with a uniform to wear are seen as spokespeople for your company and the exposure your logo receives will improve the chances of it becoming a recognizable symbol. The corporate clothing choices you make will be a factor that could result in increased brand awareness and promote business growth.