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Gloves appear to be of a great antiquity. There are also occasional references to the use of gloves among the Romans as well. Pliny the Younger(ca. 100), his uncle's shorthand writer wore gloves during intercourse and in the winter so as not to impede the elder Pliny's work. During the 13th century, gloves began to be worn by ladies as a fashion ornament. They were made of linen and silk, and sometimes reached to the elbow. 



Size is  40x90 cm. Density: 230 gm/m2

The purpose of high – visibility clothing

The purpose of high – visibility clothing is signification of people’s presence in the conditions of low visibility. For example, during the road renovation, the road workers in the high – visibility clothing are noticeable from a distance and will not be the victims of inattentive driver. Especially actual is the use of high – visibility clothing in the night – time, during the rain and fog. According to the rules of work safety for such clothing the drivers of town transport, workers of road – maintenance, housing and public utilities, employees of The Federal Authority for Road Traffic Safety must be equipped with such clothing.