Interesting facts

Buttons and button-like objects used as ornaments or seals rather than fasteners have been discovered in the Indus Valley Civilization  as well as Bronze Age sites in China and Ancient Rome.
Buttons made from seashell were used in the Indus Valley Civilization for ornamental purposes. Some buttons were carved into geometric shapes and had holes pierced into them so that they could be attached to clothing with thread.
Functional buttons with buttonholes for fastening or closing clothes appeared first in Germany in the 13th century. They soon became widespread with the rise of snug-fitting garments in 13th- and 14th-century Europe.

The purpose of high – visibility clothing

Choosing the high – visibility clothing, one should pay large attention to the offers of the companies, dealing with the workwear trade. A lot of companies offer clothing of the brightest and garnishing colors, positioning it as the high - visibility. But the biggest part of such clothing doesn’t manage with declared functions. First of all, it is necessary to notice, that according to the Federal Standard, baseline fabric of high – visibility clothing must have only yellow, red or orange color, must be bright and deep. And not green and pale pink, as you can see in some catalogues. The important factor is how long the high does – visibility clothing keeps its properties. If after some washes the bright color is pale, and the upper reflecting coating on the high – visibility elements is not broken, it means, that the quality of the bought clothing was low.

The high – visibility clothing is producing from special fluorescent materials, which will be treated with the special solutions. Through this process, the maximum visibility of such clothing is guaranteeing in the daytime. And also for the good visibility of this clothing in the night - time, the high – visibility elements are sewing on it. There are 3 types of high – visibility workwear. The type depends on quantity and positioning of using high – visibility materials. For example the workwear of the third type is of the highest quality, can be used for work in the worst, concerning visibility, conditions. The expanding variant of high – visibility clothing is the high – visibility vest. In the summertime use can put it on the naked body, in winter is on the usual outwear.

Benefits of Corporate Clothing

In these modern days, many of organizations as well as companies use standard corporate clothing for their workers. Having this corporate clothing helps people to recognize your company brand. This also sets the standard of your company. The latest trends of apparel, corporate clothing are not limited when it comes to designs and style. There are a lot of benefits that corporate clothing can give to your business.