Item ID 00315

Standard welder's suit

Protection against sparks, melted metal splashes, and scale (Tr (Тр))

Heat radiation-resistant (TI (TИ))

Cold-proof (Tn (Тн))

Product description

The suit consists of a jacket, bib-overalls and a inner helmet with a cape

Recommended materials / Finishing
Recommended materials:
  • cotton, blended fabrics with high cotton content with fire retardant and antistatic properties (top, protective overlays);
  • cotton, blended fire-resistant fabrics (lining);
  • heat-resistant synthetic fiber (stitched and detachable thermal lining for a jacket, stitched for bib-overalls);
  • heat-resistant jersey (suit details for additional thermal lining);
  • heat-resistant fittings.

Details made of finishing fabric, heat-sealed pictograms of protective properties, reflective stripes.
Features of the model
  • a stand-up collar with a hook-and-loop fastener, a central right-side hidden closure with buttons and a hook-and-loop fastener
  • the yoke goes from the back to the front;
  • internal chest pockets with zipper, side pockets with vertical entry in the protective overlays stitching seams;
  • sleeves with cuffs;
  • volume adjustment - drawstring with a cord (along the waist line and the bottom of the jacket), elastic band inserts and straps on a hook-and-loop fastener (on the cuffs of the sleeves);
  • loop on the back yoke (for rescue operations), an elongated back;
  • protective overlays on yokes, front and sleeves of the jacket.

Detachable thermal lining of the jacket:
  • chest pockets with zipper with horizontal entry on the left and right;
  • sleeves with knitted cuffs with a thumb hole;
  • volume adjustment - elastic band (along the bottom of the windproof skirt);
  • detachable windproof skirt on snaps;
  • an elongated back;
  • is attached to the jacket with zipper and straps with snaps or holes with button.

  • adjustable shoulder straps with a buckle for fastening at the back;
  • central zipper and side closures with hidden snaps on the left and right;
  • pockets with a figured flap on the hook-and-loop fastener on the bib, side pockets with an inclined entry on the front parts of bib-overalls pants;
  • volume adjustment - drawstring with elastic band (along the waist line);
  • belt loop on the left;
  • darts along the side and leg seams in the knee area;
  • protective pads along the entire length of bib-overalls pants.

Inner helmet:
  • cape with a hook-and-loop fastener;
  • knitted drawstring for a snug fit along the front neckline.
TR CU 019/2011
GOST 12.4.250-2013
GOST R ISO 11611-2011
GOST R 12.4.236-2011
GOST R 12.4.303-2016 from 01.07.2019

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