Item ID 00410

ChemMax 3 protective overalls

Alkali liquor-resistant (up to 80% of sulfuric acid) (K 20, K 50, K 80)

Water-repellent (VO (BO))

Petroleum oil- and heavy-end product-resistant (НM)

Non-toxic dust-proof (PN (ПН))

Radioactive particle-proof

Antistatic fabric (protection against electrostatic charge accumulation and effects of electric fields (Es (Эс))

Product description

Recommended materials
Materials used
Barrier film (multi-layer composite technology), coated with a special EVOH film.

Features of the model
Features of the model:
  • stitched hood, central closure with double zippers closed with a placket;
  • thermally sealed seams, antistatic treatment;
  • protection against a wide range of toxic industrial chemicals;
  • areas of application - work with highly hazardous chemicals, chemical and petrochemical enterprises.
TR CU 019/2011
GOST 12.4.251-2013
GOST R 12.4.310-2016
GOST R 12.4.288-2013
GOST 12.4.100-80

Complies with standards EN 1149 – 2006, EN 14605 – 2005, EN 340, Type 3 and 4

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