Item ID 0014Z

Tricolor women's suit

Abrasion-resistant (Mi (Ми))

Protection against common industrial pollutants

Product description

The suit consists of a vest and pants

Recommended materials / Finishing
Recommended materials:
Cotton fabrics, blended fabrics with natural fibers (vest and pants); synthetic fabrics (pads, suit details).

Details and edging made of finishing fabric, contrasting stitching, edging made of reflective materials, pictograms of protective properties.
Features of the model
  • stand-up collar, central zipper;
  • yokes on the front, cord seams on the front and back;
  • chest pockets with shaped flaps and side zipper pockets with cord seams;
  • volume adjustment - snap straps (along the waist line on the back);
  • extended shaped back.

  • functional multi-section pockets on the front and back parts;
  • ribbon loops on the belt, pockets on the foreparts and the back part of the pants on the right;
  • voluminous orthopedic knee pads, reinforcing pads on the bottom of the pants.
TR CU 019/2011
GOST 12.4.280-2014

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