Item ID 0023J

Arctic heat protective suit

Cold-proof (Tn (Тн))


Water-proof (Vu (Ву))

Product description

The suit consists of a jacket and bib-overalls

Recommended materials / Finishing
Recommended materials:
  • membrane fabrics (top);
  • 3D structured material (lining);
  • synthetic fiber (stitched thermal lining);
  • genuine leather, jersey, fleece (suit details).

Finishing details from fabric of contrast color, inserts from genuine leather, heat-sealed reflective stripes of various configurations and pictograms of protective properties.
Features of the model
  • stand-up collar, additional inner collar, warm "corner" above the zipper, detachable thermal-lined hood with a visor, central zip fastener with a windproof placket on the hook-and-loop fastener, genuine leather inserts on the placket;
  • figured yokes on the front and back;
  • voluminous chest pockets and thermal-lined double side pockets, with figured flaps;
  • sleeves with cuffs and wristbands with a thumb hole;
  • ventilation in the side seam and sleeve seam;
  • volume adjustment - drawstring with a cord (along the front cutout of the hood), a strap with a buckle (in the back of the hood), drawstring with an elastic band (along the waist line on the back), straps on a hook-and-loop fastener (on the cuffs of the sleeves);
  • folds for additional volume on the back, an elongated back;
  • inner windproof skirt;
  • tight seams (when using membrane materials).

  • adjustable shoulder straps;
  • central zipper, windproof placket;
  • side pockets with inclined entry on the foreparts, voluminous patch pockets with figured flaps on the right back part of the bib-overalls pants;
  • ribbon loop on the left side of the belt;
  • volume adjustment - drawstring with elastic band in the area of the side seams (along waist line), fold with zipper (along the bottom of the pants side seams);
  • voluminous knee pads;
  • figured placket on the hook-and-loop fastener, reinforcing pads in the area of the leg seams along the bottom of the bib-overall pants;
  • tight seams (when using membrane materials).
New materials and technologies
New technologies and materials in production of special clothing for extremely cold conditions

Use of multifunctional textile materials and advanced technologies for production of clothing allows to get a suit with high protective performance indicators and unique properties:
  • light weight (the weight of the suit is 2 times lighter than the weight of the suit made of traditional materials);
  • improved ergonomics, maximum long-term physiological comfort;
  • stable, effective protection against industrial and climatic factors.

Innovative package of materials for winter workwear:
  • upper fabric with a membrane ensures reliable protection from external moisture (rain, sleet, water splashes) and helps to remove excess heat (in the form of steam) outwards;
  • high-tech thermal lining (super-warm, lightweight and thin) based on synthetic fibers significantly reduces the thickness and weight of products;
  • lightweight 3D structured lining fabric with high breathability and hygroscopicity absorbs moisture twice as fast and instantly removes it outwards.
TR CU 019/2011
GOST 12.4.303-2016
GOST R 12.4.288-2013 (when using membrane materials).

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