Interesting facts

Buttons and button-like objects used as ornaments or seals rather than fasteners have been discovered in the Indus Valley Civilization  as well as Bronze Age sites in China and Ancient Rome.
Buttons made from seashell were used in the Indus Valley Civilization for ornamental purposes. Some buttons were carved into geometric shapes and had holes pierced into them so that they could be attached to clothing with thread.
Functional buttons with buttonholes for fastening or closing clothes appeared first in Germany in the 13th century. They soon became widespread with the rise of snug-fitting garments in 13th- and 14th-century Europe.

Joint - stock Company "Rabotschaya odezhda» is 80 years old!

On the 15 th of June, 2012 at the Culture Home, the city of Lukoyanov being hold festive occasion, dedicated to the 80 years anniversary of the factory "Rabotschaya odezhda", at which took part 144 employees of the company. Also we invited 200 workers, which had been working at the factory during these years. The deputy of District Chairman Dolgunova A.A. congratulated on the administration’s name of the Lukoyanov city.       
28 employees of the company were rewarded for their professionalism and blameless work with letters of award and prizes: 2 people have got Certificates of Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade and Governor of Nizhny Novgorod Region, 26 employees were awarded with the certificates from the company management. It took place also the gala concert with the participation of the town dancing and singing groups.

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